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Avoid high legal retainers, pay a reasonable flat fee.

Stress Reducing

Peace of mind avoiding a long and expensive court process.


Take full control of the legal process, create solutions that work for you.

Our Divorce Mediation Services

Our divorce mediation firm is proud to offer an alternative approach to the contentious and highly expensive divorce litigation process. We are sincerely passionate about helping divorcing or separating parties find common ground based solutions, that are affordable and productive.

We offer mediation services for a wide range of family law matters such as divorce, legal, separation, child custody, and child support or modification of existing parenting plans and child support orders.

Our mediators have experienced ugly divorce and child custody litigation first hand through many years in the courtroom and we simply want to provide a better experience.

Whether you are contemplating divorce, legal separation, or you have a co-parenting matter, you made the right choice by exploring our mediation services. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of our mediation services.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Mediating, rather than litigating, your divorce or legal separation has limitless benefits from eliminating the stress of litigation and avoiding high legal fees to peace of mind as you retain control of the outcome. 

Whether you have kids, property, debt or financial disputes, you can rest assured that your mediator will listen carefully and assist with crafting reasonable and fair solutions that work for you and your family. 


Divorce Mediation

✔️ Flat fee

✔️No court appearance necessary

✔️ Solution oriented

✔️ Neutral process promoting resolution

✔️ Parties opt to exchange necessary documents

✔️ Parties control the legal process

✔️ All legal documents completed by mediator

✔️ Can complete case in 60-90 days

✔️ Resolution reached, no trial required

Divorce Litigation

❌Advanced pay & hourly billing

❌ Court attendance is often necessary

❌ Position oriented 

❌Adversarial process promoting conflict

❌ Attorneys request voluminous disclosure of documents

❌Attorneys and the court control legal process

❌ Party files documents in court (or your attorney)

❌ Case lasts an average of 6-18 months

❌ Attend trial if no resolution is reached  

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Practical Divorce Solutions

Practically Divorced offers mediation services to Arizona residents throughout the greater Phoenix area to ease the transition of divorce and other family law matters without litigation. 

We complete all required paperwork to ensure your divorce or family law case is seamless from start to finish. You never have to step into a courthouse. 

Licensed and Experienced Attorneys

Practically Divorced was established by Arizona State family law attorney Maya Milovic to combat the cost driven, prolonged and wasteful process of traditional divorce litigation. 

You can be sure that your mediator will have a courtroom background, extensive knowledge of Arizona Family Law and the ability to apply their experience to guide you toward reasonable solutions that work for your situation.



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