Divorce Mediation in Glendale AZ

A practical alternative to the divorce process. 

Glendale Residents Looking for Divorce Services?

Are you located in Glendale, AZ? Do you want an amicable divorce? Are you looking for someone who can guide you through the process of divorce, without spending thousands of dollars and hours in court? Practically Divorced offers practical and affordable solutions for couples filing for divorce or child custody. By fostering an environment of collaboration rather than contention, our experienced mediator(s) will work one-on-one with you to create fair and reasonable solutions to your divorce of child custody matter

A Healthy Alternative to Divorce Litigation

Rather than spend money on traditional divorce litigation, divorce mediation presents families with a more productive and logical approach to divorce. You will meet with a neutral mediator to resolve all divorce related issues. These issues include, but are not limited to, child support, child custody, spousal support, and division of property and debt. Your mediator will inform you and your soon to be ex-spouse on the legal process, and guide you towards a reasonable 

By fostering an environment for collaboration and productivity, rather than spending your time and money arguing, you will find that our mediation services are a healthier alternative to traditional litigation. 


Avoid high legal retainers, pay a reasonable flat fee.

Stress Reducing

Peace of mind avoiding a long and expensive court process.


Take full control of the legal process, create solutions that work for you.

Affordable Mediation Services

Divorce mediation provides a more cost effective solution compared to most +Glendale divorce lawyers. With divorce litigation you can expect to pay an average of $15,000, while our mediation services cost on average $3,500. We can also offer affordable legal document drafting for couples who already have agreements.

You can participate in mediation with our without attorney representation.  You can seek out legal advice prior to your mediation session or before signing important and binding divorce agreements.  Because mediation is a collaborative, solution oriented process, choosing to resolve all divorce related issues via mediation will save you significant time and money. 

Well Rated Divorce Mediation Firm

“I had the most pleasant experience working with Maya through my legal proceedings. She was always very prompt in responding to the various questions I had through this process. She goes above and beyond what is needed. She was worth every dollar spent on my case. ” – N.S.