What is the price structure of a divorce mediator in Arizona?

Practically Divorced charges a flat fee rate of $1,500 – $3,500 to complete all required court documents. Whether you pay $1,500 vs $3,500 depends on whether you and your spouse are in agreement and all that is necessary is court filings. If mediation sessions are necessary the price goes up. The flat flee includes eight hours of mediation sessions, and a one hour consultation. Additional services are available as needed and charged at a reasonable flat rate. Individual mediation sessions cost $125 per hour.

Does a divorce mediator work on an hourly rate?

Yes, a mediator will work on an hourly rate or sometimes charge a flat fee for a bundle of services. As mentioned earlier, an individual mediation session will cost $125/hr.

How much can I expect a typical divorce cost in Arizona?

A typical divorce, one that involves litigation, can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. Some sources in Arizona will even quote a typical divorce to cost as much as $20,000 (per side). That being said, there are so many variables that come to play when getting divorced, these are simply rough averages.

How much does an Arizona divorce lawyer charge?

Most local divorce attorneys will charge on an hourly rate. A typical rate will be between $250 – $450. However, on top of that, you can expect that an attorney will request a minimum of $5,000 on a retainer. 


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What is the cost of an uncontested divorce?

This depends on whether a couple files without the assistance of either a mediator, attorney, or document preparer. An uncontested divorce can cost a minimal court filing fee, if the parties are filing without assistance, or up to $1,5000 depending on the services.

How much does it cost to file divorce papers in Arizona?

The petitioner (the person who initiates the case) is required to pay a court filing fee of $349. The respondent is then required to pay a court filing fee of $274. The total for both parties is $623 in AZ.